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Sphinx, an ancient mythical creature, being a combination of a bird, an animal and a human body, which is known to almost all of the old world, except for the continent of America.

The oldest of which belong to a period 9500 years BC. (11,500 years ago) in Turkey. Although the most famous Sphinx of today is from ancient Egypt. The Statue of the Sphinx.

Ancient Persia (Palace of King Darius), Iraq, Burma, India and Europe (Greece) each have Sphinx’s forming part of the myth. The Sphinx is one of the symbols which the Freemasonry is using.

Sphinx in Greek and Egyptian mythology in nature with Iran is different, but in essence they all believe in the superhuman power of the Sphinx.

With my effort in this artwork, I looked at the simplest of historical beliefs and religions, to create a view using the addition in difference and creativity, perhaps the historical cultural reserves and superstitions, which have no effect on contemporary life inspired an edited portrayal. With the design in an art form of the Sphinx as a couple, I maintained the character with tranquility, and the very sense <strong>of wisdom, strength, freedom, peace and honor. </strong>

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Gold Sphinx

Holy Couple

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